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If you would like to participate in a class via live-streaming, please visit our CLASS SCHEDULE page, and register by 8PM the night before the class you would like to participate in and then look for an e-mail from us with a link to join the class via live-stream!



Welcome to Good Seeds Yoga!  We are an accessible, empowering, yoga studio focused on growing not only as individuals to be our best and happiest selves, but growing together as a community.  We encourage you to show up as you are and explore how our offerings can support your personal growth, as it has ours.

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Laura has been on the spiritual/mystical path her whole life. Being born into a Catholic family she is grounded in the Christian theology. As her mother explored different spiritual systems Laura was brought along to paranormal society meetings, meditation groups and mass every Sunday. She got her first astrology chart when she was 10 years old. As her mother progressed along and became a Jungian therapist, Laura began reading Jungian texts at about the age of 16 exploring depth psychology. Around the age of 20 she came to Maine and spent her 20’s steeped in the study of history, comparative religions, mythology, psychology, meditation and yoga. She counts Joseph Campbell and Marion Woodman as her two biggest influences for understanding how the psyche functions. She worked in mental health for several years and completed a degree in psychology with an emphasis on group process. At the same time she obtained her yoga teacher certification and became a Myers-Briggs Type Professional. After teaching yoga and studying yogic philosophy for many years Laura obtained a degree in Vedic Astrology, the ultimate tool for understanding psychology/karma. Today Laura has been teaching yoga for well over a decade, is a practicing Karmic Astrologer and Reiki Master. She guides people in yoga classes, retreats and corporate trainings to understanding how yoga works to bring balance to their physical, emotional, mental and spiritual lives. In private sessions she helps clients to understanding their karma through their Vedic astrology chart and provides many tools to facilitate health and healing. Her focus is helping people experience joy for no reason, or at the very least be a peace in this moment.


Joy Osterhout, Ms, MCHES, RYT

Joy has a passion for promoting healthy lifestyles and her career has focused on it for over 20 years. She has been the owner of a public health and education consulting firm since 2006, originally located in Berkeley, California.  In 2013, Joy moved from Kauai to Maine to develop the Healthy Living Resource Center for MaineGeneral Health; a program designed to support and promote healthy living and healing by providing educational opportunities to enhance well-being through healthy cooking and eating, physical movement, and healthy mind and body classes. More recently, Joy worked with two other hospitals in Maine to develop similar programs. In 2016, Joy completed training to become a health and wellness coach, and in 2017 received her 200-hour Yoga Teacher certification.  Joy continues on her yoga journey with additional certifications in Yin Yoga, Ayurvedic Yoga, Yoga Nidra, and Pranayama and Meditation. Joy is also a Reiki practitioner. In addition to yoga, Joy continues on her own journey to health studying mindfulness and well-being at work, happiness practices, as well as organic gardening. Joy holds Masters Degrees in Health Administration and Health Education from Saint Joseph’s University in Philadelphia. She is also a Master Certified Health Education Specialist. Joy’s personal goal is to provide yoga classes that are accessible for all, and focuses not only on the asanas (body postures) but pranayama (breath control), and pratyahara (control of the senses through meditation). She looks forward to joining others as they embark on their journey to health with yoga!